• Shane Firth

    Uh oh…

  • Oh dear.

  • rogue android

    I’m gonna cry during this chapter, aren’t I?

  • Aierdome

    Somehow, despite the fact that she’s the one holding the medallion, this page is the exact opposite of comforting.

  • Zorg

    Oh, this sure bodes well…

  • That is strawberry jam from a birthday cake, she is crying because they threw a surprise B-day party for her.

    • Ada

      I just thought she hated raspberry jam

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    They roadkilled a large fluffy animal, by accident.
    It might have been the Easter Bunny.

  • Morgan

    brb going to go rock in a dark corner for the entirety of the chapter

  • am i the only one freaked by the fact that we can see the chain but not the actual medallion??????

  • Bloo_Burry