• ShatteredHelios

    All the characters looking at me like “This is your fault ” 😭

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Except it’s totally Vesper’s fault~

      • rogue android

        It kinda really is. 🙁

    • Talmor

      Its what we get for wanting story progression…TRAGEDY and TEARS.

  • Waaaaaaah!

  • Can I say something?

  • Basil Dick

    Azeel is still alive, right? I mean he only got shot- or did Hunter seal him back into the tome?
    I’m digging how sweet Dom is acting to Tegan here~

    • spas

      Dom still KILLED Vesper’s Dad. no forgiveness until he’s served a life sentence in jail. What has HE done to earn it, anyway?

      • Basil Dick

        Nothing so far, but he’s seemed redeemable from pretty early on, so it’s nice to see some possible progress being made. I’m sure Vesper has killed more than a few fathers herself at this point, and they weren’t even part of an elaborate, emotionally fueled revenge scheme

        • spas

          So, hypothetically, if I kill YOUR Dad (for my own idiotic revenge-y reasons) and am later seen to cuddle someone, you’ll feel like I’m sweet? I’m totally anti-violence and wouldn’t harm a soul, so please know that this is not a threat of any kind, but seriously think about this possibility, try to imagine your father (or mother, if you loved and depended on her more in your life), dead at my hands. Then I cuddle a blind kitten! How sweet am I! Perhaps nobody is beyond redemption; perhaps only G-d should judge us. But a murderer should be behind bars, not getting kudos for being cute. My father is dead at someone else’s hands; I have seen zero attempt at redemption or atonement; I have not forgiven and will not forgive. Maybe if you haven’t lost a parent to this kind of thing, you can’t understand. But please, try to understand; try harder than you are now. Because it’s not nice.

          • Basil Dick

            In a real life case, of course the criminal should be reprimanded by the law and the victims should receive their due justice, but in the case of this webcomic Dom has always come across to me as a character who was written with the intention to redeem him later on. Sure, he isn’t the most lovable dickcheese around, but the fact that he’s choosing to cradle this bleeding woman despite the amount of times she’s gleefully caused harm to his person shows that he’s not the completely ruthless and cold blooded villain he may have previously appeared to be. It’s a step in the right direction, at least in terms of personal growth, and even if it comes across as a meaningless or shallow display to others, I think it’s applaudable. I’m incredibly lucky not to have lost anyone to violence, so my view on this is colored differently than yours, and I wouldn’t suggest forgiveness to someone in your position unless I felt it was deserved (for both you and the killer), and I doubt I would be able to do it myself, but should Dom make attempts at atonement and feel genuine remorse for his actions as the story progresses, do you believe that Vesper should not allow herself to acknowledge his betterment? I’m not saying she should throw him a party and pronounce him nicest dude in the universe, but perhaps it would let her heal somewhat. That’s a lot of anger to be gripping onto, especially if in the future he’s recognized the wrongness of his actions- although, again, it’s probably a hypocritical thing for most people to say, myself included. I’m sorry for the loss of your father, that’s more than terrible, but in terms of the story, I believe Dom is on his way to becoming a better person.
            Oof, I don’t usually talk this much this early

          • spas

            I see that you are trying to empathize, and I appreciate that, but I disagree that our reactions to fictional characters should diverge so greatly with what our real life reactions would be. This is why IRL people help serial killers escape prison OR marry convicted killers they met by pen pal, married, and then had conjugal visitation with (DUH!) – desensitization to horrific events to which they are not personally connected. I am sure the loved ones of killers on death row could wax poetic on their redeeming qualities, but we wouldn’t want these people set free, right? Sure, there are moments, as with Dany’s dragons spouting fire, where you find yourself rooting for the ‘bad guy’, even though surely some innocent civilians in Meereen must have been killed by swaths of fire. But I don’t think Vesper would be ready to forgive Dom at this point, if ever, and I think she would be wise not to – he has proven himself untrustworthy. It is not merely that justice has not yet been done (ie jail/prison/if-not-hanging), but that the ladies and Corrick should still not rely on this dodgy-at-best character in any way for their safety. Don’t let your guard down with a known killer.

          • TBF, Vesper’s dad slaughtered Dom’s father (and the other men in the gang) in front of him when he was at an age where he probably wasn’t aware his dad was a bad guy (and even if he did know, a kid that age shouldn’t be witnessing a bloodbath – it wouldn’t be a surprise if that screwed him up mentally). Vesper wanted to go after/kill Dom because he killed her father so that makes her just as bad as him. Also, Vesper is already a known killer too so arguing that Dom needs a life sentence in jail, but Vesper doesn’t, doesn’t really sit right with me. I do agree that Vesper shouldn’t forgive or trust him at this point though, but no one said she should. I think it would take a lot for both of them to get to that point (for Dom to even ask for forgiveness or for Vesper to give it)

          • Srara

            I was waiting for this, thank you. Dom’s definitely not the only one with blood on his hands in this story, so if we’re being honest, almost everyone deserves prison/hanging at this point. Wasn’t it Vesper who said “killing is so therapeutic”?

          • Basil Dick

            Exactly. I’m not saying that everyone should be bffs and paint each other’s ingrown toe nails- or that anyone reading Plume should like Dom as a character- just that he isn’t the only “bad guy”, and even if he was, I doubt he’d stay that way. He seems bound to change with the course of the story, probably for the good. Or, at least like…the better.
            Even if Vesper and crew never get over him being an asshole (and they don’t have too much ground to stand on themselves, but it’s hard to party with someone who fucked you over to that extent, so that’s fine), any improvement is a good thing. And the reason why so many people can distance themselves from the horrors that fictional characters create is precisely because it doesn’t affect their real lives. It’s usually much more frustrating when the reader has similar personal experiences, or more time was spent delving into the feelings and struggles of one particular trouble the characters are facing. Plume is awesome and obviously well-written, but because I feel as though it moved rather swiftly from the death of Vesper’s father to Corrick’s dickhead of a brother to Dom stealing the amulet to Corrick’s fuckface brother again (with Dom showing his playful, goofy clumsy side along the way), I don’t feel as deeply about Magnus’ death as I did about say, the murder of the daughter/betrayal of the mother in The Lovely Bones. But they’re two different story formats, so that’s OK; most ongoing stories don’t fixate around a single injustice so heavily.
            Not to mention, if this were written about true events most people would hold more contempt for Dom. The vast majority of folks are not writing love letters to serial killers, and the ones who are clearly have much more going on with them than pure desensitization.
            These keep getting too long.

          • Melle

            I have to say I’m more than a bit irritated by that far-fetched “hook up with a convict” bridge that was drawn here.

            First of all, it’s very clear when reading your posts that due to your personal experiences, which are saddening and I surely do not wish upon anyone, this topic is simply a big trigger for you, so you’re reacting in an exaggerated way to storytelling devices that appear as mere “grab more popcorn” to others, and are probably meant as such. However you have to accept that this is your problem and not one other, less emotionally scarred readers have. It is absolutely not required for another reader to “try harder” imagining you murder their own parents in order to have a valid opinion of a panel in a comic, one that presents a lot of violence with a very light-hearted, comedic undertone at that, in which an antagonist is engaging in “cuddling”. Your first longer post there stuck out as unnecessarily rude, personal and passive-aggressive to me, if I’m being honest.

            The reason people like/dislike fictional characters for different reasons than they like/dislike people in real life are not messed up morals, as you seem to think, going so far as to compare liking a fictional villain to the behaviour of a clear minority of people who get into relationships with convicted criminals (for reasons that are surely more numerous and complex than the black&white image you’re painting here, but we don’t need to get into that). You’re basically saying that the next logical step to fangirling or fanboying over the Joker in Batman is to look up a convicted serial killer on the internet, start e-mail-loveletter-writing with them and then helping them with a daring prison escape.

            There is no need to project one’s real life ideals onto fictional characters to be a moral person, unless someone is in a state where they can’t distinguish anymore between what’s real and what’s not.
            Works of fiction like this one, be it comics, books, films, plays or video games, are what they are against the background of a cultural development these mediums have gone through. Meaning they utilize tropes that may not be correspondent with what would make sense in a real life situation, but they make sense within the medium or genre. As a result, if people applied their real-life morals to fictional characters without accepting some gap, a vast majority of fiction would become entirely unenjoyable, because none of the characters would be likable. Vesper here, as some have already pointed out, is a super violent character, considers punching people therapeutic, shoots a guy in the leg and just reacts with a big grin to her kills, clearly not being phased at all by people screaming, blood spurting out of them etc. I’d consider someone like that a psychopath in real life, definitely not likable, would be creeped out by her if anything and hope for justice to prevail and have her locked up for good.

            This is just a story someone thought up for entertainment, so different aspects become relevant. Sure, fictinal characters can be likable because they’re nice. But they can also be likable because they are competent, because they’re proactive, because they have an original or aesthetically compelling character design, because they’re funny, because they have relatable quirks, because they are three-dimensional, because they provide cleverly-written/enjoyable dialogue… in short: People like characters that are interesting. There are a lot of interesting villains out there, and liking them will not turn you into a crazy person.

            That being said, I like all of the characters in this comic because they’re well presented, enjoyable. No cardboard-cutouts imho. And that includes Dom, too. He has what I’d call entertainment value (which also means the drama/suspense-bits, not only the recent humorous ones), I remeber liking his character design when he first showed up, and just think that he’s a well rounded character. I feel he’s being presented in a way that’s just enough to make you empathise and relate a bit despite him being an antagonist, but not too much to jumble the readers’ “loyalties”. With all of that in mind, I am with Basil and also digged how Dom’s acting towards Tegan here – it was never addressed how he felt about her, and that sort of hung in the air imho, since they are not exactly strangers to one another. You can see that he is genuinely concerned on these last pages, despite the fact that she sure likes punching him in the face a lot. So, interested in seeing where this might go, character- and story-wise.
            Wow. That was a rant if I ever gave one…!

  • MrTopHatMan

    “Who on earth are you?”

  • Sara

    Hunter standing in the background like, “dafuq?”

  • Is he human now? *is hopeful, Corrick is not dead*

  • Ada

    and this is why we don’t have Italian night at little house on the prairie….
    that red sauce is a pain to get out of a good funeral suit and/or dress

  • blamemefornothing

    I refuse to believe that either of them are dead. Especially Corrick.

  • spas

    I would be more AGH! about the extended cliffhanger ‘cept for the fact that you’ve really been updating more regularly of late. And that bodes very well toward us finding out what happens next! Also, kudos and thanks for updating regularly.

  • Oh COME ON!! The suspense is killing me!

  • They all seem to be looking accusingly at someone. I think it’s the artist! Cruel god!

    Seriously, though, Corrick is alive, right? Please?

    Look, I’m just assuming with Chapter 13 being a thing that our hopes are not dashed is all.

  • rogue android

    Don’t you just love cliffhangers? Yeah, ME NEITHER.

    Just kidding…I’m a little addicted to them.

  • Reiu

    You smashed that 4th wall. You smashed it good.

  • Stephen Glass

    Just wanted to state that Corrick probably isn’t dead. For one, how to comic in the beginning showed everyone together and no one had the necklace. This is more then likely just the story on how the necklace got broken and Corrick was freed to an extent.

    • Do you mean the very beginning (first 9 pages) when Vesper and Corrick are together and Vesper puts the mask of the seraphim on the horse? If so, Vesper just wasn’t wearing the necklace at the time (because she wanted Corrick to protect her because he wanted to, not because she was wearing it) and we caught up with just after that scene on chapter 8, page 7, (when Tegan tracked them via the flaming carriage). If not then could you maybe point me towards the pages you’re referring to as I must have forgotten. I still don’t think Corrick is dead though, or at least won’t be for long, but perhaps that is just wishful thinking.

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    bring em back 2 lyfeeeee yusyusyus

  • Ikoda

    but who are they looking at?

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    Girl. I am not even worried.

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    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I HATE YOU! Augh. No. I don’t mean that. BUT STILL! T^T

    Also, new ship. Domgan. That’s right. I said it.

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    You’re a meanie.