• Nanna

    Waait, she’s not dead is she?! Why are you saying sorry?!

    • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • elila

    Ouch, my poor heart, what are you doing to it?!? ;o;

  • sarielpg

    Rip out my heart and stomp on it why don’t you?

  • Aw no, Tegan, don’t lie there like that…

  • Cornelia T

    how dare you

  • Ada

    even at death’s door step she is winking, as if to say, go after him, girlfriend!
    …or keep the dirt out of her eye

  • Claude


  • tina

    Dom looks all so worried.

    Tegan: whispers “dom”?…..
    Dom: leans in “yes”?
    Tegan: punches him “couldn’t resist”

  • patchy

    I was not prepared for this page.

  • Dom: I may be an asshole, but I’m not 100% a dick.

    • spas

      Me: Dom, you’re delusional. unlike STARLORD, you are 100% a dick.

  • MrTopHatMan

    Just gets up all chill and just takes off the dust

  • yumberry

    if anyone dies a stg

  • MardukGKoB

    Corrick is just pining for the fjords. Beautiful plumage!

    • PININ’ for the FJORDS?!?!?!? What kind of talk is that? the only reason ‘e was standin’ in the first place is because you nailed him to the perch!
      (monty python aside, I really do hope he isn’t an Ex-Corrick though. XD)

  • AmberOne

    Oh poop. Dom’s still alive.

  • spas

    maybe corrick’s still alive somehow, but human again? #hereshoping

    • tina

      He said his soul was bound to the amulet, now it is broken, but could he still be bound to it, and now his soul could be broken, split, hurt, damaged or just slightly bruised. Someones has to repair his soul?

      • spas

        heeheeheeheehee #trueloveskiss

  • rogue android

    No, no, please…

  • Okay