• Nanna

    He’s gonna be back right? CORRICK WILL COME BACK WON’T HE?! ;A;

    • ColdxNorth

      HE BETTER 😢

    • keyshe54

      He’s freeeee! (..Right?…)

  • Master_of_Masquerade

    I’m out. (… well not actually, just emotionally)

  • Ada

    who vants to hef a book burnink?
    Hy brought an anciently cursed dark magic tome

  • Javier Dehesa

    Wow, Hunter, saving her life just after her honey gets killed. That’s real smooth of you, you vulture.

  • Oh hey, he’s not dead. But what about everyone else ;_;

  • spas

    in case anyone needs a refresher (i did!) on who hunter is: http://plumecomic.com/comic/chapter-ten-001/

  • katchmate

    Oh man, now I’ll never know what the game was D:

  • Aierdome

    Asshole? That’s the game you want to play with him?

  • You go Hunter, you go!
    Also, plz, Corrick bby, be okay.

  • MrTopHatMan

    Yes you brought hunter back! (thanks btw I hope he joins the group)

  • J9k9


  • tina

    That went totally as planned.

  • OHMAN I love how the shot of Vesper in te first panel mirrors the same one of Carrick on the previous page; please tell me these two are going to be on the same 2-page spread in the physical volumes!
    Also yuss the suspense right here; we learn in school that the climax of a story is when you’re left wondering what’s going to happen next, and damn if these pages aren’t doing a magnificent job of doing just that.

  • Candlehearth

    Took you long enough…

  • rogue android

    Well, hey, you tough son of a bitch, I thought you were an empty husk.

  • Really glad Hunter was not just bookbait in the end, but yeah. We really need our minds out at ease about Corrick and Tegan and Dom… in that order. For me personally. I am told the following gif works every time. I apologize if I am abusing it, but also hoping it holds up…