• sohmamon

    WITH YOU??? No?!?!?!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Wanna bet on how making him revive ?”

  • Charlotte

    It’s been a year or so since I started reading this comic, and I noticed that exactly one year ago, we were reading the pages with Vesper+Corrick+Tegan trying to overcome this huge and dark asshole. But this time, they’re being embarassingly annihilated by him. How are they gonna beat him? And will they ever? DX
    Each page hurts my heart more and more. ç.ç

  • sarielpg

    Noooo….I get the feeling he cheats.

  • katchmate

    Dom: Is it poker??? Is there money involved????

  • Aierdome

    Say hnefatafl. I bet Azeel has no idea how to play hnefatafl.

  • gumdrops

    I don’t think I’ll like this game 🙁

  • tina

    How about Global Thermonuclear War?….or maybe a nice game of chess?

    • Ada

      the only winning move is not to play
      …and get revenge for your fallen friends

      • Talon


        Little did we know that Azeel becomes the WOPR supercomputer and Plume is actually a prequel.

        • Ada

          or, rather, the first of a trilogy, culminating into cold war paranoia;
          and thus with new tools humankind repeats ancient mistakes with new generations of hearts reaching out for a plume of smoke…

  • MrTopHatMan

    Time to do a backtracking quest to collect all of the pieces of the amulet

  • Artblinked

    Only if the game involves burning a particular book…

  • rogue android

    OH, COME ON!