• MrTopHatMan

    You can still destroy the book!

  • Why?

  • DeeVa

    Oh God

  • Holly Molly Moose Caddick

    What ;^; noooooo

  • Cherbearian

    Oh gods, you broke my feels. I think I’m gonna be sick…

  • jsfury

    Tegan doesn’t look to good. This is not going well for any of our gang.

  • Noooo 🙁

  • It smell not good!!

  • Master_of_Masquerade

    Non-magic Corrick!!!! 😀

    Also: My immiadate reaction after mourning was almost demonic laughter

  • Charlotte

    I’d be very angry, if only I myself weren’t an author that loves to make her characters suffer and go through hell sometimes. So I’m guilty too, here.
    But pleeeease don’t kill them! They only have to suffer! Right? >3<

  • AmberOne

    Oh no. So Teggie is really really dead? Oh no. Oh please no.

  • Becky

    Naaah none of them can be dead. The comic has only just started!

  • *Sees Dom* uhhm
    *Then Tegan* wait
    *Vesper…* pls

  • Ada

    turns out that necklace was from a jewelry store and big, bad brother is wearing the original
    (it’s a protection amulet not a psychic amulet, those are third ziggurat from the sacrificial calendar)
    cleanup in aisle secondary characters

  • Eyes are all open. Holding on to that. Damn it!!!

  • EmReads