• sohmamon

    Oh, that’s not good.

  • CptNerd

    Oh, dear…

  • Becky


  • ceruleanpigeon

    Does this mean that Corrick now has to protect his sliiightly evil bro? Because if he does AAAHHHHHHH

    • Bee

      “slightly?” I think you need to recalibrate your evil-ometer.

  • This is too much, too much I tell you!!!

  • Faolan Rei

    On the one hand, there’s the hilarious “you started it!!” sibling hijinks, but on the other hand there’s Corrick crying because his friends are getting hurt and he can’t do anything about it.
    Either way, this page gives me a lot of feelings. 🙁

  • Artblinked

    Corrick is crying?! This is too much I tell you, too much!!

  • tina

    If not for being distracted by Dom the “you first/no you” argument could of gone on for a bit.
    Annnnd the amulet will change hands again. Not good.

  • OK, Hunter! Time to not be dead and do something! I know we were showed Dom tripping over him for a reason. Or am I ice cold on this?