• Charlotte

    When people you love and care about are in danger but you’re still bonded to Dickhead-Dom.

    • ColdxNorth

      OH. MY GOSH, you made me realize 😨😨😨😱😱😱

  • NicoWaffles

    Hey! He ruined her ketchup packets!! Her clothes will be ruined!! Said me trembling in the corner.

  • Tegan?

  • Gamerglo

    Shit meet fan, indeed…

    Somebody, DO SOMETHING!
    (Help my poor babies…)

  • I have been lurking for way too long. I only discovered this comic through an audition for an audio version (I got the part of Aunt Agatha, BTW), which I only saw because I was watching/reading Girls Next Door (an awesome fan comic that dorky shippers should enjoy). Anyway, I decided to keep reading past my assigned lines and quickly became addicted and even a little obsessed. I have never enjoyed and agonized over a story so much. I play out fanfictions of it in my head sometimes when I can’t sleep with varied magical scenarios that let Corrick and Vesper touch. Just… awesome story, excellent characters, beautiful artwork. I know things are a little hairy right now, but I trust you to see us through to the end… Also, Tegan was not hit through the heart, so I refuse to give up hope!

    • plumecomic

      Thank you! And you did amazing as Aunt Agatha, by the way! I absolutely loved it!