• “the lax protection continues” goodness, how I absolutely love reading the comments xD

  • DeeVa

    I’m just glad for the reunion. Kick butt!

  • rogue android

    “Dom, you be the bait.”
    “Like hell-”
    “Your new name is Chum. Get your ass in there. You owe…well, everybody.”

  • CptNerd

    This music went through my mind when I saw the first panel: https://youtu.be/Csv1wXOr5tY

  • basically what dom’s dealing with right now


  • tina

    All this time I thought Dom seemed to be the least level headed.

  • Ada

    when making decisions this is not a Dom-cracy
    get the Corrick vote or bust!

  • maeverin

    I love this plan! I’m excited to be a part of it!

  • Squad goals… and Dom.

  • Hazely

    Love this comic!!