• Some ice and a shot of apple pie moonshine?….oh, no….

  • Charlotte

    This looks too easy. A catastrophe is coming.

    • tina

      Just what I was thinking. If a bullet did not take out Corrick I would believe it had little effect on his brother.

  • spas

    what book? pls remind me?

    • Aierdome

      The one with the spell that’s turned Corrick into golden-eyed protector being, and which Azeel now possesses (in “demonic possession” meaning).

      • spas

        thank you!

  • Kat

    This is totally unrelated to anything, but has anyone noticed what a drastic nose change Corrick has had since the beginning of the comic? Lol

    • plumecomic

      Mmm… yeah. That’s his other ability… Magical nose jobs.

      • spas

        the one on the right is stronger man/less anime. a positive change.

  • Morgan

    Is this the moment I have been waiting for since the last volume? Where Vesper comes in riding on a black stallion to take Corrick away and they break out into an argument?….. honestly I’ll take anything at this point.