• he looks like Gabriel Reyes

  • Aierdome

    Honestly, in all history of “you have to stop this!” question, did anyone ever answer “alright, I will”?

    • Becky

      Ever asked an addict to quit their drugs? The answer is usually “I will… soon…” xD

  • Coldesta Lelast – Sorceress

    It’s like Cronenberg and Brian Yuzna teemed up to make a magical villain. I heartily approve. I’ll leave my heebie jeebies over in the donation jar.

  • J9k9

    C’mon Corrick, he’s got the evil goo.
    Has the evil goo of ANY series ever been reasoned with?
    Evil goo’s never given a shit about anyone!

  • gumdrops

    Quiet Dom, the adults are talking….