• maeverin

    a certain sphere of +10 power boost? Actually I wouldn’t bring that. seems like it’s be pretty easy for it to fall in the wrong hands in the middle of a fight. Maybe they’re going back to the City of Gold?

  • ColdxNorth

    Hahaha, if they get her aunt I don’t know what I’m going to do. Cry, laugh? It would be pretty funny though xP

  • So much love in this page!!! xD

  • Aierdome

    “strong and sparkly force”. Why does that line make me laugh so much? 😀

  • Lucy Calderon

    she’s so sad and angry. sangry.

  • Omymel

    What are the chances that reading the spell will destroy Azeel AND Corrick? I know he’s not technically all magical anymore, but WHAT IF??