• Xoria

    It’s never easy, eh?

  • Aierdome

    Hunter: And how do we use the book?
    Corrick: With Azeel.
    Hunter: And how do we use Azeel?
    Corrick: With the book.
    Huner: And how do we…
    *repeat ad infinitum*

  • of course… what else…

  • chaneslaughter

    A classic catch-22, damn

  • WitUnderPressure

    panel 3: there’s a hentai comment waiting to happen…

  • Amperzand

    See, if there’s one good thing about all these sad events, it’s that the people involved have thus far reacted like adults instead of paranoid fools.

  • Ada

    the pages turn both ways
    if we can reverse the polarity
    we can close the gate to Cahokia
    by crossing the due dates
    on the librarian’s stamp

  • maeverin

    There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Eliza, dear Eliza…
    (old song. ask your grandparents.)
    So…we…hit him with it? really hard?

    • rogue android

      I remember that from some movie I saw or book I read…they had to keep singing that song for some reason. Now it’s driving me crazy, trying to remember where I saw it!

      • maeverin

        Apparently it’s Dear Liza, not Eliza. That’s interesting, I don’t know where you would have SEEN it–maybe Hee-Haw or The Muppets Show or something like that? I heard it on one of my mom’s old cassette tapes WAAAAYYY back in the day.
        Lyrics on the Wikipeds

        • rogue android

          I think it was something a little more modern…maybe it was a short film or something. Or one of those bad horror movies on Netflix. Also, right…”heard” it.

        • Allie Welch

          My parents sing it.
          In a loop.

  • rogue android

    Oh, Corrick, you’re so good at explaining things in ways that no one can understand…