• maeverin

    unless by “bury it” you mean “toss it in an active volcano”, this plan has the potential to come back to bite you in the ass.

    • vidmagnuson

      Thaht ground is sawah!

  • CptNerd

    Uh oh…

  • Max Pearce

    Corry looks a tad upsetty

  • Corrick doesn’t seem to happy with that idea… does he?

  • MrTopHatMan

    To be fair it’s the smart decision, if you’ve just seen your friend die and everyone is injured and still grieving the worst thing you can do is throw everyone into even more danger

  • rogue android

    I totally understand that you’re tired of losing people, Vesper, but I really think Hunter’s on the right track. I mean, remember Jumanji? Night of the Living Dead? Sometimes burying things doesn’t do much good. And it makes you all sweaty.

  • tina

    Are they going to bury it with Tegan?

    • Awa

      This comment made me sad for reasons I cannot fathom nor explain logically.
      Maybe hearing (reading) Tegan’s name is just too soon for me.

  • Mayazra

    Corrick: But I want to BURN IT

  • Ada

    “Face piles And piles Of trials
    With smiles.
    It riles them to believe
    That you perceive
    The web they weave”
    …see Hunter can help as a Bard. His Cowpoke ballards’ buffs staaaƤaaack…(spoken in a sing song voice)

    the Fey Winds of Bard change be rustlin’ tumble weeds round these parts:

  • Artblinked

    Corrik’s face says: “Where is my Vesper and what have you done with her?”

  • salina