• Allison Monroe

    Don’t we all?

  • Lucy Calderon

    oh dear

  • Max Pearce

    Have to say I think the second panel really hit home the emotions at the moment. It’s only a small panel but holds so much, probably one of my favourite panels that you’ve done. Also I’m really liking Hunter now that we’re getting to know him.

  • maeverin

    he takes it personal.

  • Artblinked

    “…you and that redhead.”

    I was over it UNTIL HE SAID THAT. Too soon for fond memories when the denial part of me is holding out hope for a resurrection.
    Also, Hunter sounds like a promising character. Please don’t kill him like the beloved redhead? Please?

  • Ada

    Sounds like Hunter had a reincarnated tapeworm.

    Corrick’s Brother(?):. Whooose a widdle psycho-kinetic tapeworm?
    You are.
    Yiisss! You are!

  • rogue android


  • Charlotte

    I just noiced that in my head I’m reading Hunter’s words with Samuel L Jackson’s voice. And it sounds awesome.

    • Teesha Caswell

      OMG I did too!

    • CptNerd

      From “Hateful 8”? Yeah, that works.

      • Charlotte

        Yeah, him! But maybe with a slightly younger voice, maybe from Pulp Fiction or something.

    • My brain gave him Shepard Book’s voice. A calm man with a dangerous side just waiting to show itself.

  • CptNerd

    Like I said before, such doin’s tend to make a man a might tetchy. Irked, as it were.

  • Bloo_Burry

    Welp. I love him. He’s the best.

  • understandable.