• Charlotte

    We all love Corrick’s upside down smile. <3

  • chinonshou

    Omg haha read the page then the author comment and was like “did Corrick smile??” And scrolled back up. Right. I forgot Corrick’s smile was different from people’s from this century.

  • Mario Santangelo

    were hunter’s eyes always yellow-orange inside?

  • ShatteredHelios

    I don’t think he feels she’s worth the trouble of dragging her back 😂

  • Max Pearce

    Already loving Hunter’s chill snarky attitude

  • Naomi Almaz

    Now I’m wondering how well Corrick can handle his liquor…

    • maeverin

      probably not too well is my guess. even if he could before he became magic-man, he probably lost most of his tolerance. I’m betting Vesper can drink him under the table.

      • Naomi Almaz

        I was thinking more along the lines that since he was royalty all those years ago he was probable used to drinking wines and the like (i assume that’s what royals drink all day every day) and if the curse bound him as he was any tolerance (or allergy or anything) would be present when the curse broke. But now I’m wondering how modern food will agree with his stomach, microbes not being what they were centuries ago. So many little questions.

  • Nyriel

    So we’re certainly seeing Corrick drunk at some point (yes?).

  • salina

    *takes speaker*
    mr. hunter-fronter jaunting down the want aisle, you lack suitability.
    also cue my thats so raven momment, dude in the panic in the disco shirt put down the chocolate smoothie down you know damn well your lactose intolerant

  • Aierdome

    And thus Hunter has become one of my favourite characters in this comic.

    Seriously, this page was enough.

  • Just like everyone else, I had to pause and scroll back up to verify where Corrick’s smile was xD

  • Cherbearian

    Haha Hunter, you’re alright in my book.

  • MrTopHatMan

    Hunter is going to announce they’re been pranked and its a social experiment

  • Ada

    now, that pre-Columbian magic is more of a 6.5 on the sh*t-o-meter if you’ve lived more than a century.
    a class 8 free roaming Mississippian priest, whose burial site has been plowed over by a post conquistador Jewish farmer’s daughter, that is crazy weird.
    that was a difficult day for the Plumebusters as it was,
    this Young guy kept insisting Hopewell characters overlapped with ancient Hebrew

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • LazyReader

    Forrest Witacker…..

  • “too lazy”

  • Mayazra

    “Drink now, think later”

  • Rose

    I love how Corrick smiles by not smiling.