• “Eat your vegetables, Dom”

    • Lucy Calderon

      “You actually need them now.”

  • Allison Monroe

    These are breaking my heart…

  • LizzywithaWhy

    Okay, guys, I’m sorry to do this to your feelings (and also I realize it’s weird I’m posting videos two pages in a row), but it hit me today that this song sounds to me exactly like what everything Tegan was. And also the singer sounds like her voice (and I think the backing singer sounds like Vesper).
    I’ve been compiling bits and pieces for some kind of Plume playlist and I kinda think this is like, Tegan’s Theme. She needs one. I think she should have one. What do you guys think?

    • salina

      umm accurate as hell !

    • WolfPride

      Definitely reminds me of them! And Plume in general. Awww, I’m sad now. Tegan was so great.
      Feel free to share some more of your Plume playlist. I’d be super interested in that.

      • LizzywithaWhy

        The only others I have for sure are Cold As It Is and Take My Love, both by The Lone Bellow. Because of their general tone, and also because of certain specific lines, which I always think is fun. I wonder if you can spot the lines! Let me know!

    • plumecomic

      Love this!

  • salina

    umm why is dom still alive. like i was honestly convinced he was a sociopath ( then we met corricks really hot crazy brother but then he opened his mouth and all further statements of hotness was revoked)
    seriously though i expected dom to be high key happy about the way things turned out for him. im talkin up in the clouds chilling in a jacuzzi with jesus sipping on pineapple smoothies high key. i smells evolution in the air *gasp* tis the sad eyes duo no more ? is it know, dare i say, the sad eyes triad ?!

  • Aierdome

    How cheerful.

  • Becky

    So Tegan is actually dead? 😐 I was holding out hope there. I thought this comic was supposed to be fun! xD … Granted, the body count has been very high. Vesper’s parents, most of Dom’s cohorts, Corrik’s whole city, other random people…

  • Ada

    apparently the funeral potatoes are not so great after the services for Tegan :[
    the minced chives that bartender threw on top are not helping with the happy memories with the recently departed

  • rogue android

    Ironically, this would be the perfect time for Tegan to show up and break the tension with a characteristically inappropriate joke. 🙁

    • Srara

      Too soon

  • *Tegan claws her way up from the Underworld*
    awright folks, cut it out, there can only be one Sad Eyes at a time

  • Nrolad Dro

    I know she is drowning in her own sorrow right now, but how is it that she is sitting next to the guy that shot her father?