• ceruleanpigeon

    I am drowning in a glass case of emotions

  • I’m just so glad to they’re still hugging. I Feel like they both really need it.

  • Charlotte

    *heart finally shatters*

  • AmberOne

    Is she dead or still dying

    • CptNerd

      Look at the logo on the page, upper right.

      • LizzywithaWhy

        OH JESUS

      • Myprettypony

        Wait, what? What was the logo before? Was it a pic of teagan?

      • AmberOne

        I. am. done.
        The artist has crushed my feels and now I must go and cry into a corner.

    • Awa

      If she’s still dying that would mean Vesper is the ultimate jerk. Tegan specifically asked Vesper to stay with her until she passed because she didn’t want to be alone.

      • AmberOne

        Yeah, good point.

  • Lirk

    ok so two more pages of this and we might begin to be ready for them to let go.

  • LizzywithaWhy

    I just discovered someone’s been doing a voice acting of the whole comic and it’s really really good and has like zero love at the moment. If you want to go back and relive the magic I suggest using this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sar9elYbDP4&list=PLU_IUs6VZYS_qdMl4XkG6CfrJ1dNbEgJH
    (The voices, though. Holy shit. Someone freak out about Corrick’s voice with me, please.)

    • salina

      holy shit yes

    • plumecomic

      Yes! This is a great series! 🙂

    • maeverin

      Corrick’s voice took some getting used to for me, but it especially worked when he was riled, so it grew on me 🙂

    • Mayazra

      Corricks voice is the reason why I wake up each day.

    • Silent

      Is this series up to date with the comic?

      • LizzywithaWhy

        It’s a smidge behind but still updating. 43 episodes, I think.

  • salina

    especially since it kinda felt like tegain was vespers first actual legitimate friend ?

  • Vianey Contreras

    “Tegan is…”
    …still alive! ….please. 😢 I can at least dream can’t I?

  • salina
    • plumecomic

      Was it… was it too soon?

      • AHHHHHHH

      • Navkay

        Weird, but it broke my heart to see it more than an actuall death of Tegan.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing


    • chinonshou

      I’ve been reading on mY phone for weeks, I don’t think I ever noticed this logo before. What did it used to look like?

    • tina

      When I see characters positioned this way in movies or on book covers, it usually indicates they end up going their seperate ways

    • omg is it real?? noooo 🙁

  • DigiC

    how dare you make me feel before classes start ;-;

  • Cherbearian

    My already broken heart burst into a plume of fine red mist when I noticed the aforementioned logo. T_T How could youuuuuu?

  • maeverin

    the pacing on these pages has just been perfect!
    guh, and Corrick’s going to have to re-learn how to be mortal.

  • Luna

    NOOOO why how you DON’T JUST KILL OFF TEGAN, she was my fav
    this better be really essential to the plot, ok

  • Luna

    also love these pages <3

  • J9k9

    Oh. Just.

  • Mayazra

    Okay but can I just say that so far this chapter has been absolutely stunning.

  • Ada

    Tegan’s spirit is stuck on a cobweb watching you morn from above.
    Do spiders have exorcists?
    Pastor Spin-a-Lot: “Dang, gum, humans. ‘Let it all out Vesper’, ‘Some Sob’, ‘those Brothel Gloves are from before he met you Hon’, why every human gotta be dern Charlotte’s Web evr’a time they posses us eight legs?”

  • dakvis


  • Artblinked
  • AmberOne

    It’s okay. In fact it’s fine. Because there’s no way Tegan just goes out like this. I have no doubt that there is a magical McGuffin out there somewhere with the power to bring back the funniest, second coolest, most likable character in this comic. Of this I am sure. And no, this is NOT denial.