Chapter Thirteen: 011

Everyone now, “D’awww!” This page came a little early, since I am in fellow artist’s (Kait Mayne) wedding. Two years ago, she was my table mate at a comic con, now I’m in her wedding. Isn’t that insane? (love you, Kait!)

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  • Lydia Bardon

    I have waited so long…Im so happy.

  • * Pterodactyl noises *

  • Charlotte

    The feels! This is the best page ever. ç.ç

  • Allison Monroe

    I did say, “D’aww!” I really and truly did. I “dod’d.” (D’aww out loud)

  • Eliana Tenio

    There’s pain in my chest and is either caused by angina pectoris or this

  • Nanna

    Thank you! Thank you so much!!

  • Eliana Tenio

    pretty sure Domino is going to interrupt them in this or when they’re talkin.

  • sarielpg

    That face. Oh….my feels cannot be contained.

  • Lucy Calderon

    my lumpin heart

  • Zkoyllar

    Beautiful page and the process is very informative and nice 😀
    Did this happen because the necklace is broken?

  • Srara
  • Srara
  • If Dom interrupts them I will yoink him outta this webcomic myself, so help me!

  • Kat

    I think I needed this page today

  • dancingintherain

    yaaaay! I’ve been waiting for a moment like this since march (o^ v ^o)

  • J9k9

    Can we stop for a sec and appreciate just HOW GOOD the last few pages have been?
    There hasn’t been any dialogue for pages and I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING.

  • Ohwow I love the subtle differences between their faces on the first two panels! They show so much about how the characters feel omg this comic is so beautiful

  • Ada

    Vesper and Corrick had such a long run before falling into each other’s arms

  • Oh my…


  • salina

    in my head i’d like to believe the reason why he’s so emotional is because he gets to touch VESPER specifically. when really its just’s the fact that he can actually hold and touch someone without hurting them for the first time in like 600 years. he has had 600 years worth of shit and this is the first time he’s getting a hug guys.

    • Charlotte

      I think we could easily say that he’s crying for BOTH of those reasons. u3u

  • Gamerglo


  • spas

    yay! squee!~ so happy!

  • Talmor

    Oh Corrick….
    (I will die if Corrick ever loses the ability to touch people again. I will die.)

  • I am still deeply mourning Tegan, but… this. I know it’s the shameless romantic in me, but I can’t pretend this wasn’t what I was waiting for, no matter what it took to get here.

  • Kim Vu

    “When she hugged him, she didn’t bury her face in his chest. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer, her cheek against his, to feel their heartbeats against one another.
    The funny thing is, they were not beating in time.
    The second it would take for hers to beat was the moment his chose to rest, and viceversa. For a beautiful, pure moment, it was as if their hearts were having a conversation.”
    -one of my favorite excerpts of writing ever, and it totally fits here and I’m crYIng and scREamiNGGG

  • WitUnderPressure

    there was a point right after panel two where I thought corrick should either pinch her cheeks or moosh them together, but I think your way turned out better.

  • Mayazra

    Every time I see the icon on the right hand side of my screen I feel the need to cross out Teagan. And it makes me feel like a horrible person

    • plumecomic

      …. I literally just changed the icon too (it’s still populating). I considered just putting ‘x’s over her eyes, but felt that might be too much…

      • Mayazra

        You should have done it. It would have been great

  • Mark Linimon