• what does this meaannn??


  • DigiC

    I thought at first he looked fine, then i realized his eyes aren’t glowing.

    He’s mortal now, oh no

    • Myprettypony

      But now they can kiiiiissss!

      • Srara

        And that’s what’s important here

  • Lucy Calderon

    everyone is sad and i dont like it

  • Charlotte
  • chinonshou

    But his hair is still white? What’s going on here I’m all confuse

  • dancingintherain


  • Ada

    sniffle, these were Tegan’s brothel gloves :'[

    • Phoena

      Those are the gloves Corrick has worn since he first appeared. I don’t think they have anything to do with Tegan.

      • Ada

        in cannon, sure, one can assume those are Corrick’s gloves
        Corrick has been alive and around off-page (off-screen) since he first appeared
        yet in the slashfic spin-off series…

  • Miku
  • SeiseiChimera

    He has gorgeous eyes, as expected.

  • tina

    He looks lost.

  • Andrew Volz

    Still love it. Thanks for doing such a great job. Are paper copies going to start coming out again sometime soon?