• Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oh, he isn’t glowing.

    That room has two pillooooooows !

  • chinonshou

    He’s still alive? I would have thought breaking that amulet would have had some adverse effects?

    • CptNerd

      Well, for one it’s obvious one adverse effect is, no more magic, and likely no more immortality.

      • chinonshou

        But my thought was the pendant (or the magic) was what was keeping him alive this whole time. Did his body just resume where it was? Shouldn’t someone that should have died hundreds of years ago die right away when that he magic ends?

        • CptNerd

          Good question, maybe it put him in a kind of “active stasis” as far as his biology was concerned. After all, even though he was “alive” he didn’t age, so once the magic went away, his body picked up where it left off when he was sealed up.

  • Charlotte

    At least Corrick is fine T_T

  • LadyV

    can they hug now?

    • Jonathan Hughes

      I love that this is the most-upvoted post at the time of this writing. It’s the question we’re all asking.

  • yumberry

    His eyes aren’t gold anymore…. color me concerned

  • I am on an emotional roller coaster!

  • tina

    Please don’t let his first words be “Who are you?”; Please don’t let his first words be “Who are you?”; Please don’t let his first words be “Who are you?”;

  • ColdxNorth

    And now, KISS! 😍

  • Lucy Calderon

    well pooooooooooooooooooooopppppppp

  • Srara

    *fangirl feels increase dramatically*

  • sanguine-smile

    Oh no. He’s still hot. (Or should that be “she’s”?)

    • silkalivedoll

      Por que no las dos?? XD

  • silkalivedoll

    Tacklehugs and sobbings into his chest/shoulder in 3… 2… 1…

  • Ada

    oh, don’t mind me, just getting out of the wrong side of the bed before I put in my gold contacts.
    so, how was your girlfriend’s passing?

  • Nanna

    I’m 97% sure he has forgotten her…. God damn it! ;A;

  • Reiu

    Well, at least he’s not dead.

  • Gamerglo

    I’m preparing myself to scream.
    (I’m getting the feeling that my heart isn’t out of the woods yet…)

  • salina

    the sad eyes duo