• Talmor

    …Well, I got the answer to my question last page rather quickly….

  • Nyriel

    What do you think I did right after reading this page? (Obviously not googled ‘gangrene’, obviously.)

  • Tk

    was already familiar

  • Cherbearian

    Oh sugar, you don’t look so good… T_T

    As for the gangrene, I’m a clinical lab scientist and bacteriology is my jam. I hope you didn’t google gas gangrene (Clostridium perfringens) because it’s pretty nasty with the air pockets. If you need more super gross wound imagery in your life, give necrotizing fasciitis (Streptococcus pyogenes) a go. MRSA infection of the skin is pretty icky also.

    • plumecomic

      Oh… god. No. Just the words “air pockets” made me dry heave. No.

      • Cherbearian

        I’m so sorry, please try to find it in your heart to forgive me! <3

    • OoooooOOOoooH!!! Yep, Clostridium perfringens…pretty gnarly!

    • Sarah Michele Bailey

      I’m sorry, but it’s really cool how many smart people read your comic. Smart attracts smart, ne? Does that mean I can be smart by osmosis?

      • dancingintherain

        Maybe! Not me, though. I was totally lost when people were talking with all those science-y words, and I usually have better vocab than a lot of people. I guess I’m just not a science-y person. (T^T)

        • plumecomic

          Science-savvy or not, you’re still amazing. *tenderly pets hair*

          • dancingintherain

            awwww thx

        • Cherbearian

          I am sorry! Use of science-y jargon doesn’t make one smart, it makes one inconsiderate! It’s actually really funny, when you get to know medical terms you realize they only sound fancy-dancy because they are Greek/Latin. If medicine had a more Anglo-Saxon origin, it’d sound a bit ridiculous. Here, I show you!

          Jargon: Doctor, the patient has a severe increase in intracranial pressure and appears to have bacterial meningitis. They also have a subarachnoid hemorrhage and bacteremia. Should we perform a craniocentesis or focus on hemostasis?

          Loosely translate the Latin, and…

          Doctor, the patient has a severe increase in between-skull pressure and appears to have bacterial brain-cushion inflammation. They also have a below-spidery-membrane blood-leak and bacteria-blood. Should we perform a skull-stab or focus on blood-stop?

          • Don’t think it’s necessarily “inconsiderate” as just “how they learned it”, but your translation is certainly amusing. 🙂

      • plumecomic

        I thought that very thing! Plume’s readership is amazing. Seriously.

    • Sero

      MLT here, hello fellow lab-person! Learning about things like this makes blood feel waaaay less gross to handle in the long run. At least I think it does for me.
      I don’t need to google gangrene since I saw examples of that during schooling. More than enough there to remember forever. Yech.

      • Cherbearian

        Yay lab-people! We are the ninja magicians who make modern medicine happen!

  • Claude


  • dancingintherain

    well thanks a lot for that. now I really, really want to google it. but I’m too scared.

    • plumecomic

      Don’t do it… Ugh. Don’t.

  • MrTopHatMan

    Oh… OHHHHH

  • MrTopHatMan

    Gangrene is really disgusting but toast counters all! (I fucking love toast)

  • Srara

    *gross sobbing*

  • Ada

    I take it, an 1800s amputation above the waist is a far cry from contemporary treatments for gangrene

  • AmberOne

    NOOOOO. Why does Dom get off Scot-free while Teggie’s on her death-bed. This is not cool!

    • dancingintherain

      I’m surprised she hasn’t bled out yet, though.

      • tina

        Maybe the strike was poisonous, similar to Coricks touch burning. Both him and his brother being somewhat supernatural and whatnot.

  • Okay why?
    These last few chapters are just ripping me apart.
    Is Tegan going to make it? Where in the flipping hell is Corrick?

  • Leelee

    Uuuuuugh I went away from the comic for awhile and now I’m BACK and I’m DEAD.

  • tina

    Tegan: Punch Dom in the face for me when I am gone…..

  • salina

    hello my dearly-very-nearly deceased friend
    *tomato throwing commences*
    *crowd runs out of tomatoes so they resort to anything and everything*

  • salina