• D’oh!!!! He’s so cute!!!

  • Charlotte

    Cute doctor, why do you have to bring bad news, whyyyy!? T__T

  • Lucy Calderon

    cute people are always the bearers of bad news

  • MrTopHatMan

    Doctor why are you so huggable, give everyone a hug they really need it

  • tina

    I have seen enough episodes Bonanza to know he is wrong, and its just a flesh wound……….right?

  • Ada

    “I’m sorry. But..it doesn’t look good.”…
    the depth of field is so narrow the background is entirely out of focus
    …and those so close to you appear painfully clear, in these tense moments.”
    – Perceptive Doc, 1843, Nowherton

  • Nicole P

    So help me if either of them *uhem* “leave”… I WILL BURN THIS WEBSITE TO THE GROUND!!!

  • rogue android

    I should’ve known that apology didn’t come from Dom…although I think he owes her a shit-ton more than a mere, “sorry I killed your dad and that my selfish hijinks probably got the only other person who’s like family to you killed, too. My bad.” Also, how has she not gutted him like a fish, yet?

  • Talmor

    It doesn’t look good for WHO?!?

  • Bloo_Burry

    Stahp it.

  • salina

    i’ve been avoiding the chapter for this very reason *sigh* allright here we go
    *yells from stage left* CUE SAD MUSIC