• spas

    LOVE the scenery, love the pouty Vesper, love the new page!

  • ShatteredHelios

    I think Vesper is completely done with today, thank you very much.

  • Uncle Pat

    Feeling some Tombstone vibes here.

  • maeverin

    Kinda curious why Dom is even sticking around at this point. For Tegan? To see if he can get Cory back?
    He hasn’t risen to “jerk with a heart of gold” status in my eyes (yet), but he’s at least up to “not as big a jerk as he could have been.”

    • Uncle Pat

      Only the first page. Savor the suspense.

    • Awa

      There’s also another option: “Vesper threatened to shoot me in the head if I run away.”

  • dancingintherain

    whaaaaaaaaaat???? but what happened to Corrick and Tegan and the peoples and the book? Story-wise, it doesn’t make sense for Corrick to be dead, but these people look a lot like they’re mourning… and where did that amulet go, huh?

    • Bloo_Burry

      Eh? No. They look like they’re waiting on a healer of sorts to tell them how their injured friends are fairing. 😛

  • rogue android

    Don’t know if I’d want to be hanging out right there right now, if I were you, Dom…

  • Ada

    it’s a tense evening watching the grass grow in the hors-y-capped parking spots