Chapter Ten: 025

What an elegant way to end chapter ten.

FYI: I’ll be taking a tiny hiatus before the start of chapter eleven, due to shows coming up. Anyone going to NWI Comic Con, Wizard World Cleveland or Fantisicon in Lansing? Yes? I’ll see you there!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Looks like he ran with their horses, too.

  • I was just rereading some of the comic whn I came across this page:
    And then started wondering: what would happen if Corrick put the necklace on? Would he have to protect himself, and how would that work? Or is it just made impossible by the pendant’s magic to prevent the paradox from happening? Just me and my random musings.
    And also, K Lynn, I would just like to tell you how much I love you for giving us this recent plot development. Since I read the scene in which Corrick tells Vesper that he has to protect whoever wears the necklace, I had a feeling this was coming eventually, and was waiting for it to happen since I finished the comic. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long, since I found it pretty late in its run, but GOD YES I am insanely excited for this. Seeing how the characters have reacted and adapted to this change has been amazing, and it will be great to see them continue to develop.

    • plumecomic

      Windy, I love you too for this comment. <3

  • Their expressions are the best! If you can, rest well during the hiatus, dear 😀 😀 🙂
    *wishing she could travel for conventions, but… can’t due to work 🙁 *

  • So now the book is gone and tentacle brother may be set loose again.
    And that’s only the beginning.
    Well, shit—

    (Aww yeah, ch10 was awesome! The Cory/Dom combo had me laughing way more than I imagined it would 😃. I’m psyched for ch11. Enjoy your mini haitus, K.Lynn! I can only wish I’ll be lucky enough to meet you in person one of these good days.)

    • plumecomic

      I would love to meet you too! You’re one of my favorites! <3

      • Wow, thank you! I’m seriously giddy here, how sweet of you to say~♥

        I have travel plans in some months, so if I’m lucky I might catch you at a con *fingers crossed*

  • Nayara

    Hi there !! I’ve read the french translation of Plume on Amilova (so yes, I’m french), and I came here just to say that you’re AMAZING !! I love all in your comic, really !! :3 You have a very beautiful drawing style, the characters are very cool, and… DUDE I LOVE CORRICK >w< He is sooooo cuuuute omg Oo
    So I juste wanted to thank you for this comic, wich is one of my favourites, really *o* Now I'm waiting for the reunion Vesper-Corrick and I hope that will be cute :3 You have my support !!
    (and sorry, I don't kown if I made mistakes or not, but english and me… You see xD)

  • Dusierra

    that’s rough. lmao. You deserve the break, can’t wait to see when Plume comes back!!