• ElizaMadness

    “Clotheslined” just hangs in the back of that panel there lol. XDDDD Dom you are way less fun for Corrick to be around than Vesper. At least she looks where she’s going…sometimes….

  • Bravo Dom

  • cmccrzy

    Did Corrick’s hair come undone? (I love his hair). Ouch. Elbow jabbed in the lungs and then falling back on the dirt.

  • rogue android

    Ouch. How has Dom lived as long as he has, anyway? Sheer dumb luck?

    I know sometimes I sound like I hate him, but I really just love ripping on him. So much fun! <3

  • Jonathan Hughes

    That fourth panel needs a sound effect.

  • I’m no ref, but I think that’s at least a yellow card…

  • Jonathan Hughes