• Crissy

    *waiting for a tearful Vesper and Corrick reunion*

    • BlooBurry


  • jealous much?

  • Gerri

    Awww, poor baby Dom’s feelin’ left out 🙁 *squishes Dom’s cheeks viciously*

  • chaneslaughter

    Well, Dom. I guess there might be a reason why people care more about the Greys. How about u try working on yourself a little u_u

  • Dom is so jealous XD I’m loving this XD

  • Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

  • Aierdome

    Jan Brady… So Dom’s a middle child?
    *now confident it was stated earlier and I just forgot*

  • You need to be the main character for that, Dom

  • Dusierra

    ahahaha, nice.

  • Hey hey watch it with that heavy eye roll there Dom. Sass is Corrick’s territory.

  • Crystal

    Well, that’s a very GREY outlook for Dom to have!