• Crystal

    Well, I mean. Corrick is the best. It’s only reasonable they’d be after him!

  • Aierdome

    At least they can agree on one thing…

  • Vesper? 😀

  • chinonshou

    Now that I’m looking at him, has Dom had his nose bashed in a couple times? Man does that bridge not look healthy.

    • BlooBurry

      Most likely. XD

  • rogue android


    Also, I’m sorry, but…I didn’t think Dom was that much of an idiot. Why even swipe the amulet if you weren’t going to depend on Corrick’s abilities? Just to spite everyone? What a moron. I’m also a little surprised Corrick didn’t let him just figure out that little loophole by himself, but then again, Corrick’s a good person so it’s really not all that shocking.

  • Gerri

    Your author comments sure do add another level of entertainment to the comic! >.<

  • Dom who? xD