• Darkoneko Hellsing

    It’s pratical, no need for torches when you have a flaming head.

    …actually, tho it gotta help other see in the dark, does it help him ? being in the middle of the light an’ all.

    • plumecomic


      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        Yessss 😀

    • maeverin

      Sure, next time you drop your keys in the dark, just grab Corrick 😀

  • Aierdome

    Well, it’s easy to track people down when they’re glowing like a lighthouse.

  • I like how the little lights around Corrick are just like the stars. <3

  • Mel

    Corrick I think you should learn to turn off your hair. You don’t want people…oh wait they already have. XD

  • Diviana

    Would wearing a mask hide Corrick’s lights or would everything just shift position to continue glowing?

  • Good timing to retrieve it, it seems. I’m surprised the book is safe, cause with no window and an open door, that barn looked all kinds of accessible.