• Sagechan

    Jezus Dom have you been talking all this time?

  • Gerri


  • cmccrzy

    “He was an ass who enjoys tormenting women, particularly young girls. The end.” – Words of the Great Sage Corrick (includes a picture of Dom with a splattered pie obscuring most of his face)

  • Poor Corrick…. Protecting this guy wasn’t enought… he had to listen to him…. Vesper! Hurry! Corrick is the one who really need to be saved!! xD

  • aaronbourque

    “I learned a lot about bear goggles, too.”

    • plumecomic

      Bear Goggles?! That sounds amazing! 😉

      • aaronbourque

        That’ll teach me to type when I’m half-asleep…

        But, really, bear goggles should make the wearer see bears everywhere.

        Also, I think bear goggles sounds better than bee goggles, my other possible misspelling…

        • plumecomic

          Bee goggles… now THAT sounds painful.

  • CptNerd

    This is exactly like my favorite scene in “Cheyenne Social Club”, where Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart are riding along, while Fonda’s character keeps talking and talking, and at the end Stewart’s character says something like “I like conversation as much as the next fella, but you’ve talking for a thousand miles, Harley!” https://youtu.be/FgFXD0MPzDU

  • VendakaFraust

    Corrick’s expression is just so done with this, and I love it.

  • Toru

    Oh, a mini-comic told by Corrick would be so great xD Just his face in panel three is so great.

    • The entire comic is Corrick making that face, with Dom’s speech bubbles coming from off-panel.

    • rogue android

      It would be especially awesome, as I imagine that Corrick would have to fabricate a lot of it, since I doubt he’s been paying much attention while Dom dictates his memoirs. I bet it’d be really unflattering, and funny as hell!

      • Bwahaha, you’re totally right! xD

  • maeverin

    Wow, apparently Dom really needed a friend this whole time.

  • Corrick: That was yesterday, I was there


    No Dom, you do not get to have a soul-searching conversation with Zuko/Corrick. Cut that out.

  • Aierdome

    *reading* Mini comic… cool… Told by Corrick?! Take my money!

  • SamiyaYume

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one having this problem, but for some reason Plume won’t load on Google Chrome. D:

    • plumecomic

      Oh snap– Like the comic won’t show up? The site did go down last week due to WordPress updating, but I was able to fix it. Maybe clear your cache for this site?

      • SamiyaYume

        Yeah, the Twitter feed showed, but nothing else. Clearing the cache helped though. You may continue with your awesomeness. 😀

  • rogue android

    I’m sitting here trying to imagine where Corrick’s zoning off to in his head, to keep from ripping Dom’s lips off. Somewhere silent, undoubtedly, Dom-free, obviously.

  • At panel 3 Corrick looked like he was simply willing himself to die, just to end it all.