• Aierdome


    Well, Corrick already looks like the boss of this small party, he could probably run after Hunter and tell Dom it’s for his own good. Or not tell him a thing, only drag him kicking and screaming like he’s wont to do.

    Also, only $500 for Vesper? Aunt’s not much into spending money, is she?

    • Nrolad Dro

      good eye, I couldn’t spot the $500 part at first.

    • Jazz

      I’m pretty sure $500 was a LOT of money back then.

      • Jonathan Hughes

        It’s equivalent to more than $10,000 in today’s money. (I’d find a more exact value, but the calculator I use only goes back to 1913.)

        • plumecomic

          Boom. Knowledge.

      • Aierdome

        A valid point.

  • cmccrzy

    The first panel is beautiful.

  • J9k9

    Oh yes,
    Break my heart some more.

  • Corrick: I leave for three seconds

    • Omymel

      three months* 😀

  • Gerri

    That last panel shows that even though Corrick has been relegated to taking care of Dom he’s still thinking of Vesper! (Awwwww, yissss)

  • Fal

    … So how much freedom does Corrick have? I’m guessing he can’t be too far away from Dom (otherwise he could just have left and not known when necklage-bearers he didn’t like needed his help, and so let them die).

    We’ve seen he doesn’t have to obey him, just keep him safe. Is safe “alive” or “completely safe from harm”?
    If he wants to help Vesper, what can he do? Can he get in a fight with the hunter, even though it might bring danger to Dom? Can he fight with Dom to make him agree to go look for her? Or would he have to barter?

  • silkalivedoll

    Wow, props on the convenient nat 20 for Perception, there, Corrick. XD

  • Next, on “Babysitting with Corrick”: how to outrun hunters hired by aunts who believe you to have kidnapped their protégé! Stay tuned!