• Nrolad Dro

    Oh, I’m first 😀

    yes, way to go Corrick. Now slap him a little bit.

  • Somehow I don’t think Dom really planned out what he was going to do AFTER he got the necklace.

  • Gerri

    Dom’s 5th panel face makes him look like such a kid (which I’m having trouble trying to decide whether I find it adorable or not, heh) but at least he’s honest about not being able to survive without money!

  • cmccrzy

    I want to see Corrick collecting like bugs and roots and saying hERE EAT THIS and Dom is like WTF and Corrick is like YOU CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT MONEY and then like Corrick making a fire when they’re kicked out of their inn and accidentally like setting Dom’s jacket on fire and Dom is like OMG and Corrick is like oOOPS SORRY BUT YOU’RE NOT INJURED 😀 Dom, he hated his brother more than you I’m PRETTY sure Corrick knows EVERY way to get around his contract. By and large.

    • plumecomic

      HA! I think a rewrite is in order…

    • I’m loving this lol

  • rogue android

    After all this, if Vesper comes to possess the amulet again, I would totally be on his side if Corrick didn’t speak to her for a while. This is all her fault for being stubborn and not wearing the amulet, after all.

  • It makes me want Dom in the team even more for some reason XD redemption time!
    Also, Vesper owns Corrick, get it straight, Dom!!

  • At first I was incredibly alarmed by Dom taking the necklace, but now I’m incredibly entertained omg.