• tina

    Oh no he dit net.

  • Shane Firth

    I get the feeling that Dom’s going to go running back to Vespa and beg her to take Corrick back because he’s a damned nightmare to babysit!

  • Faolan Rei

    Dom: I own you!
    Corrick: Lmao try again, bitch.

  • Corrick takes none of your shit Dom

  • Sagechan

    I would make a western standoff joke here… but I wont.

  • cmccrzy

    Haha. Nope. He has to protect you from getting yourself kilt/injured (fatally). Doesn’t have to slave for you. Fail Dom.

  • rogue android

    Go ahead, Dom. Explain to Corrick how you’re in charge here. Go on.

  • “I meant that in the least offensive way possible, chill with the glowing eyes. You’re freaking me out.”

  • Big Damn Hero

    In the words of a lovely Key and Peele video, “You done messed up A-A-ron!”

  • yeah … I think he’s had a few egotistical ‘owners’ before and know how to deal with them

  • silkalivedoll

    … poor choice of words, man. XD