• Big Damn Hero

    Hahahahaha This is the best!

  • ElizaMadness

    Cory may have to protect you Dom but it doesn’t mean he’s gonna let you get away with shit. But of course you’d be dumb enough to assume that. XD

  • 2nd second weirdest game of poker i’ve seen

  • This page is utter perfection omg.

  • cmccrzy

    That last panel is a thing of beauty.

  • J9k9

    Dom forgot to read the fine print.
    “Corrick reserves the right to protect you from yourself.”

    • rogue android

      Soooo, technically, Corrick can slap Dom around a bit if it’s for Dom’s own good, right? I mean, I’d be looking for every loophole and technicality at this point if I were Corrick.

  • Aierdome

    That last panel cracked me up 😀
    Do I recall correctly, Corrick has had to put up with Dom for three months already, didn’t he?

  • WitUnderPressure

    That last panel reminds me of Mr. Krabs

    “ME MONEY!”