Chapter Ten: 009

*stares at trembling fingers* I… I… almost forgot how to draw my own characters.

Anywho– I’m back! And here to stay! I hope to make a special announcement soon (waiting on the Powers That Be to give me the ‘go ahead’ to spill the beans). Stay tuned!

  • J9k9

    Corrick used Thunderbolt.
    It’s super effective.

  • where was he when i was down 20 large in Las Vegas?

  • berg

    me when shits goin down at the club

  • berg

    me when shit’s goin down at the club

    • plumecomic

      Oh, this tickled me so!

  • Aierdome

    I don’t think you’ll get your money back, Dom…

    • I wonder if Dom actually ‘gave’ any money in the first place. That bastard probably cheated his way through the game and the rest of the table finally caught on. xD

      But of course he has his get-out-of-jail-free card on hand to come to his defence…

  • *YouRaiseMeUp.mp3 plays in background*

    Also, glad you’re back and here to stay K.Lynn! I’ll be tuned 😉

    • Gerri

      This is totally random but – loving your profile picture, man *two-thumbs up*

  • Gerri

    Dom be like: “Darn it, Corrick, all I wanted was for you to help me cheat at cards! You didn’t need to go over the top, man. Now I gotta go find some other suckers to swindle.”

  • Fal

    Welcome back!