• cmccrzy

    Corrick has great faces on this page.

  • Lokalock

    *coughs very loudly and obviously*
    “No shut up Corrick you’re being too loud!”

  • Heyyyy. I’d like to ask something irrelevant (but relevant? I don’t know where else to ask!) about when once upon a time I had bought your second volume of Plume. 😛

    One of the “bonus” was that all the bankers would receive a pdf with Corrick’s background story. Is this story currently being created ooooor, have I not received it yet?

    • plumecomic

      Oooh, I will talk with Devil’s Due about that. We’ll get you the story, no worries!

      • Yes, thank you. 🙂 (I thought you were creating it now, so this was the reason of the delay)

  • Eva

    Woah! Corrick straight up teleported from one side of the table to the other between chapters, didn’t he?

    • Nope. First time we saw him physically at the table was the previous page and he’s still on the same side.

      • Eva

        Errr yes. For some odd reason I thought that the guy with the yellow jacket over the red shirt was Dom. I also meant the previous page instead of chapter…

  • Isabel

    Yay (OΔO )

  • WitUnderPressure

    I can’t keep killing them off just because you have a bad hand, okay?

  • That ‘women’s scorn’ though XD I always thought it was a silly phrase but seeing those two gals stare down Dom has changed my mind! lol Fantastic expressions!

  • Budgie

    Never thought I’d miss Corrick’s angry face XD

  • Too late, Dom. Guy with the cup is already on to you like

    • BlooBurry

      This absolutely make my night. Thank you! XD

    • Budgie

      O_o… This just reminded me… Is it just me, or does this guy look a bit like Hunter?

      • Aierdome

        Nah, Hunter’s black (or mixed race maybe?).

        • Budgie

          OH true! Haha nvm XD

  • Huntra

    how often does Plume update???

    • Awa

      I also want to know…

    • plumecomic

      This was asked 3 months ago? Why didn’t I see this!? Ah… 3 times a week now when I get out of the current comic-con hiatus. 🙂

      • Huntra


  • Subtle as a brick to the face.

  • Webcola

    all of the beautiful facial expressions tho

  • tina

    The 2 barmaids and one guy look like they belive cheating is going on, and the one with the beard seems to have a dirty mind.

  • Master_of_Masquerade

    Someone looks familiar

    • lara

      jajajaajaja no way! XD

    • plumecomic