• snoooooww

  • J9k9

    A+ transition~

  • Boricua en la Luna

    Those last two panels make me want to sing Somewhere Out There. 🙂

  • Eva Karababa

    I sense backstory coming….

  • Why do I feel like they will sing a disney song next…

  • Diviana

    We get to see more of Tegan! I really don’t like Vesper’s aunt.

    • spas

      i think vesper’s aunt is stiff and conventional, but i think in her own uptight way she is just concerned for vesper’s safety.

      • Diviana

        Maybe it”s my own personal experience but expecting someone to want what you want for them is quite restrictive.

  • It’s Tegan!! YAY<3 Which means Vesper is nearby. I wonder how she's been holding up without Corrick ;(
    They're hot on Dom's trail right, RIGHT?!?

  • Nikie Keijsers

    Those last panels make me ship it.

  • Battersea


  • Alyssa Wong

    Sorry Corrick, Hunter bro is the new hot stuff now.