• ElizaMadness

    I’m not a fan of Vesper’s aunt….. >.>

  • I’m not yet sure what to think of this man other than the fact that he has a fantastic beard.

  • Bo Lindbergh

    So what’s with the broken site showing nothing but a background image?

  • Diviana

    Vesper’s aunt seems to be the type that only desires a safe life.

  • WarriorArnelle

    The only thing I have to say about the new site is the massive panel to the side of the pages. It’s distracting, and it takes away from the page and the art. Other than that, I love the new site, and I’m glad to see Plume back!

    • It’s not in a bad location imho, but I’d definitely I’d change the colour of it though… the white is a bit loud next to everything else.

      • Maybe the same grey of the comic page will work better than white

        • Agreed, that may work pretty well actually. Good eye! Hope K.Lynn doesn’t mind our little critiques 😉

          • plumecomic

            Don’t mind at all! They are very helpful! (And now to figure out how to change that)

          • Only a minor css edit can do this. Programming is my rl, but I dunno how to explain without seeing. Maybe this might help?

          • Just Control+F and look for the one with the #fff, one of those should be the sidebar

  • Battersea

    I like the new site layout

  • Be honest now, Agatha. Your brother-in-law hardly wanted to know YOU.

  • I love the new layout

  • spas

    sorry you got hacked! however, the shiny new website is gorgeous and uber-professional.