• Shane Firth

    If you end the whole comic on this i would occupy the superposition of hating and loving you simultaneously!

  • I did

  • Charlotte
  • Lydia Bardon

    Why didn’t they poof when they kissed? Why poof now? I’m so confused. Are they dead? Returning to their respected item? Are they bound to the same item? Is this a literal in this together…like in an item together? The ultimate pun?

  • Cherbearian

    Liar, you know they did. But sure, try to explain it away with ‘plot’ and’logic’. Pffft.

  • Well I guess that’s it folks

  • Sollin Faolan

    they…. poofed? They just poofed!!

  • Katie

    i s2g I was way behind and I thought you ended it here. I almost cried.

  • BlooBurry

    Lol. Wait what? …..

  • LiteralStrawMan

    I mean, Hunter is right there watching them poof

  • ColdxNorth

    What in the world actually happened there?

  • Megchan

    Is this a beauty and the beast moment???

  • He SMILE!!! A real one!!!

  • AmberOne

    wait, WHAT?

  • Flaxseed

    I award the most cute and confusing hug to this couple right here.