• What he really should be apologizing for is giving her the ability to now do stupid stuff with the knowledge she will survive it, every time.

    • BlooBurry

      Exactly. Lol

  • Charlotte

    Now, the question is: will they stay cursed or they’d rather turn normal? I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to stay glowy forever.
    Corrick’s only bound to the world is Vesper – when he believed she was dead, he had lost his will to live.
    Vesper had a life, but she’s lost all her meaningful connections: she has no family (her parents are dead), no friends (Tegan’s dead too), no unresolved family’s business/debts (Dom’s death gave a closure to all that story about “you killed my daddy!” and revenge). Sooo there’s plenty of reasons why she’d rather go “fuck everything, I’m staying with my magic man” instead of uplifting the curse (and risking to turn Corrick into dust too? No thanks).

    If glowy-couple happens, I’d really like to see them travelling the world and living through the centuries, adapting to new fashions and hunting for treasures. :3

    • spas

      maybe joining archaeologists on adventures, from time to time, and protecting them from supernatural evil!

  • Eggs
    • Charlotte

      Perfect, lol

      • Eggs


  • kazali

    I’m really interested to see how the stakes change from here…Vesper has basically achieved everything she’s set out to do. Now that she’s a badass glowing person, now what? “Revenge” is literally in the tagline.

  • sarielpg

    So..uh, are they bound to things? Like that ring? Or can they maybe give each other those things and protect each other, not that they’d need it now, or are they free to go all glow-y into the sunset?

  • The Mad Whitaker

    “We get to bone, now! That’s not a curse.”

  • Kassi Williams

    I get that the powers are awesome and the risk of turning to dust would kill the curse-lifting boner, but Corrick knows better than anyone that immortality can be a bitch. Even with Vesper by his side, the dude’s been alive for 600 years- if I were him, I’d wanna at least look into a safer method of glow removal, even if my gf was psyched at her new ability to make gods wet themselves. Plus, folks are probably gonna confuse them as siblings now; Kinda kills the romanctic atmosphere when someone thinks you’re snogging your brother.
    I guess we’ll see what happens

  • Kassi Williams

    When I read the sound effect in the first panel it came across to me as one final “ffffffffuck” from big bro

    • Charlotte

      Oh no, can’t unsee it now! DX