• Charlotte

    Azeel disturbingly looks like Corrick now.

    Also, watch Vesper not giving a funk about her lover’s brother disintegration. Oh well, who can blame her?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    They really look alike, in the end. Well, they’re brothers.

  • Srara

    Poor Cory, those tears!

  • kazali

    So now that they killed the evil demonic brother…I wonder if they’ll try to reverse the curse or they’ll be like, “Fuck it, glowing is cool.”

  • … Vesper cant realise Cory … I subject when the amulet broke it didn’t break the curse, at least not fully. Thus he got got his back at the time he enchanted vesper. But if Vesper realises Cory .. hes going the same way as his bro .. to dust.

  • Sean A.

    As a reader and a bit of a writer, all I have to say is, that’s ominous. I have an unsettling feeling there is a bigger bad, then the big bad out there. Probably tied to that book they have. Who knows though. Perhaps they will get their happily ever after as golden servants. I highly doubt it though, protagonists are created to suffer (I feel sorry for my characters sometimes, and the sadist they were created by), otherwise there is no story. Or they are at the end of their story.

  • Artblinked

    Poor Corrick looks so traumatized.

  • Xoria

    Wow, that crumbling effect.

  • austriankangaroo

    R.I.P Azeel. You played your part in this wicked world. Now enjoy your freedom, there are other worlds than these.