• Darkoneko Hellsing

    Epic rap battle.

  • Charlotte
  • LiteralStrawMan
  • Claire Johnson

    Let the games beginl

  • GO GO GO

  • Elizabeth Calloway-Plante

    Show him who not to mess with XD

  • They have four glowy eyes to your one!

  • ColdxNorth

    This is perfect. I love how she stays behind to protect Corrick instead of running to punch Mr Badguy in the face like we all want to 😍

  • I I’ve been absent from reading and commenting for way too long with family issues and mourning. But this made me feel so good in the middle of a time when I felt like that was impossible. I love, hate, love so many things. Mostly love. I am so sad to lose another character, but so happy to see our power couple being awesome and kick ass. I love that Corrick just grabbed Vesper like he just couldn’t take not kissing her another second. I love that Vesper is ready to kick him some Demon ass while Corrick takes lead on the Spells. I love that Hunter is there to witness everything. At this point, I have no idea what I want as far as an ending. I just trust you and that you will make this right.

  • salina