• Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Rub it in my single’s face, why don’t you !”

  • Alejandro Aralvarado

    Mah dude focused on the task at hand, glad someone is. We can mushy later folks.

  • Charlotte

    Thanks Hunter!
    Vesper’s expression says “You. Me. Bed. Now.” but there still is a pesky evil brother to defeat at the moment. õ3õ

  • Little did Hunter know, the kiss was actually a way for them to talk their plan of action over without anyone hearing them or being able to read lips.

  • Elizabeth Calloway-Plante

    Squeeeeeee XD My fangirling continues XD

  • ColdxNorth

    They’re just SO GODDAMN PERFECT for each other…. In so many goddamn ways…! :’)

  • Anne

    Same, Hunter. Same.

  • Aierdome

    Hunter! He’s awesome.

  • billydaking

    Dear Lord, Hunter has become my favorite character in a short order.

  • Kat

    Priorities, guys