• Shane Firth

    now make glow in the dark BABIES!!!!!

    • Owlbehr

      I second this!

    • lyrarose

      eh….trite. They can go on adventures involving the magical artifacts instead and make for a much better story.

      • Shane Firth

        Why not have both? Physical intimacy doesn’t mean an end to adventure!

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  • Charlotte

    Oh gosh, I waited for so many years…!
    I’m not crying. I just have something in my eyes.

  • Lydia Bardon

    I feel a bit weird about it considering he’s old af and shes what…17?

    • kazali

      She’s 19, and I understand the ickiness because I usually feel it in these situations too, but they’re so cute I’m choosing to give this one a pass 😀

      • Lydia Bardon

        well…at least shes technically an adult.
        in the end i guess im just happy corrick has finally, probably for the first time in hundreds of years, found happiness.That poor dude deserves it.

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  • *slaps knee with joy*

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    :0 🙂

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  • Eeeeeee!

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  • Becky

    That took me by surprise! Vesper’s attraction to Corrick was always obvious, but Corrick seemed to see her more as a kid he wanted to protect.

    Oh well. I feel neutral about the surprise, but still excited to see how the comic proceeds!

  • sarielpg

    Wheee! Oh happy day! It’s so beautiful!

  • Srara
  • Anne

    I must be the acest asexual ever because honestly I never saw the attraction

    • Fellow asexual. In my interpretation, it was a subtle thing. I think there’s a trope of “everyone in the story knows they dig each other except the two who dig each other” and I think that’s what was going on. For Corrick it was a matter of not getting attached because there was the issue of Time and the fragility of it and his being able to be around Vesper because he was more or less like a genie and bound to serve whoever had his binding object. Vesper, for most of the story, has a one track mind of everything but herself and anything that’s not related to her dad and the problems that came with all that. Trial and circumstance sort of turn her more… human? I guess, in the sense that she is making personal connections and focusing on stuff that’s not about her or her “mission”, thus leading her to notice Corrick more than she had previously. K Lynn uses a lot of visual cues more than dialogue, which is where you pick up the feeling of what might be going through their minds or what they want to say, but don’t. The last couple chapters amp it up a bit, but again it’s still subtle. I like it that way as it lends a side to the story without detracting or distracting. Nothing’s sidelined because these two wanted to make goo-goo eyes at each other. It’s all worked in visually while the story still rolls on. Sorry to ramble.

    • Charlotte

      As Sara said, their bonding and attraction for eachother was subtle. Yes, Corrick was detached at the beginning, but we can see a development in his character through little gestures and phrases. Like the first time he begged her to take the necklace on, because he didn’t want her to be harmed; and when she decided to do otherwise, he stayed with her and followed her even though she didn’t technically “own” him at that point.
      And again, the first time Azeel took his powers away, Corrick was still willing to protect Vesper, even though he didn’t stand a chance.
      Before the battle, he tried to convince Vesper to renew the curse; he had wished to turn human again for god knows how many centuries, and yet he was willing to give up his freedom just to keep her safe. If this isn’t love, I don’t know what it is.

      Vesper on the other hand was really set on her mission of revenge, but could always find a trustworthy partner in Corrick, even when he wasn’t forced to serve her. We see she deeply cares about him when Dom takes the necklace and brings Corrick with him; I think that that was the moment she realized how much she cared about him and she set her mind to go and rescue him.
      In these last chapters, the looks she threw to him and the kiss on the cheek made pretty obvious that she felt something for him, though she was mature enough to think on more urgent matters first and postpone all the lovey-smoochie stuff for later.

      In general, the looks, the first time they touched – all was very slow, tender, and with minimal sexual tension, and I think that’s why people loved it so much. I loved it because I think everything was intelligently written, without falling in stereotyped behaviours and goofy adolescent scenes.

      Sorry for the rant, too. X)

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    I’M CRYING!!! 😢😢😢

  • One thong to say…. KHYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!<3

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    **Internal Fangirl Screaming** Yes yes yes! XD

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    About damn time! Look at that, there are literally sparks flying.

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    I have never been so happy to be right omggggggggggggg

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    ZOMG IT HAPPENED I…did not think…it was going to ever happen ;u;b

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    I’m not screaming! You’re screaming and I’m just answering!!!

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    Long time reader, first time commenter.


    That is all.

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    I called it on May 25 just letting y’all know ;;;;)

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      Yes, this is true.

  • And when they kissed… it was like magic….. No really, they blew up the whole area and defeated the jerky-evil bro forever more and they lived happily-haunting ever after. The end


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  • lyrarose

    Corrick’s crying and my heart is breaking. They’re going to fight off Azeel and go on adventures as equals instead of sexually tense af protector and damsel-not-really-in-distress. As a fellow artist who gets pissed at a lot of comics artists or illustrators going on eternally into nowhere with a project or in general not understanding that story is king: fucking thank you for putting story above everything else and ending this one in a way that is awesome and consistent with the rest of the story (I felt blueballed like everyone else when you start flinging bullets at main characters, but it’d be way too Marvel and overly unbelievable if they’re all in an epic battle in crazy mist and everyone comes out unscathed..kind of saw the spell working on both of them because they’re both injured from a mile away but in a good way)….and we get the mostly happy ending I’ve been waiting SINCE 2011 FOR!

    and not only do you get story right, but unlike a lot of comments that at least get *that* the art is great and the characters are developed without being cliches. *applause*

    • plumecomic

      *Whispers*… I love you.

  • Cloves

    This is off topic, but I’ve been wondering for months: Is Corrick’s hair in a ponytail or a braid?

    • plumecomic

      Braided ponytail?…. Heh. No, it’s a low ponytail.

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    OMG YAY ❤ I am going to miss vesper’s blue eyes but it’s a small price to pay to see that kiss.

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    oh my god. *cries*

  • Nyriel

    Oh, also, is the story nearing its end? There was no mention of it and I never really witnessed a comic coming to an end, so if it is ending… It just feels impossible. xD

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    SQUEE!!! About time!

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    No kissing on the battlefield, only once the battle is over.

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    Thank you for making such amazing comics!!! Here’s a little love to send your way!!

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      Love! Love! Love!!

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    That’s one way to get perfectly white platinum blonde hair without bleach

  • I’m getting chills and my eyes are sweating, what’s happening to me

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