• Today on Who Wore It Better…

    • Elizabeth Calloway-Plante


  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    now playing : SNAP! – The Power

  • Shane Firth

    *80’s Power Metal begins to play*

  • Charlotte

    WAAAAAH this is going to be a “You watch my back, I watch yours” thing with magic golden laser beams being shot all over the place in perfect synchronization. ºwº

  • Claire Johnson

    I totally knew it! Haha! No one messes with her Corrick!

  • Elizabeth Calloway-Plante

    Oh My Glob XDXDXDXDXDXD Corrick Looking at her like I didn’t think she could get any more gorgeous XD

  • She-Hulk: Gold Edition?

  • Stay with someone who looks at you like Corrick

  • Leelee

    “Annoy, tiny blonde one! Annoy like the wind!”

    I feel like this suddenly applies?

  • sarielpg

    Oh thank goodness!

  • Mia Lunkka

    I swear to the webcomic-Gods… I just screamed xDDD YES! AWESOME!

  • Kensey

    Vesper, you look absolutely radiant!

  • Kat

    Despite everything, I kind of just feel bad for Hunter. The last thing he needed or wanted was ANOTHER glowy magic person. Especially if it’s the person he was chasing down in the first place… x’D

  • Nyriel


    • Nyriel

      So like, now whenever they touch each other, they get electrocuted but they don’t care cause they’re invincible

  • Elian


  • Mirrorface

    Now I’m imagining a hundred years down the line where some fancy pants has a shiny amulet and also a shiny ring, and they’d be stoked about having not one but two magical guardian spirit people except the two guardians are always making bedroom eyes at each other and jesus guys get a room or something.

  • LiteralStrawMan

    Before, *whispering* i ship it.
    Now, *yelling* I SHIIIIIP IIIIT!

  • rogue android

    Okay, but seriously, HIS power with HER temper? Nice knowing you, Big Bad…hope you aren’t too attached to, you know, existing.

  • ??


  • Natasha Epperson

    You just made lots of fan’s happy.

  • Srara
  • ColdxNorth

    YES! This is what we’ve been talking about since page one! Loveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveit!!!!

  • YAYYYYY! (Though now I’m wondering how the white hair thing works, didn’t Corrick always have white hair? Who knew the magic was extra-bleaching it the whole time!) Oh ohh ohhh are they going to carry each other’s jewelry thingies??

    • Charlotte

      Corrick was a blondie, before the curse. 😉

  • lyrarose

    well…looks like he definitely found something more substantial to be bound to for all eternity.


  • STL Orca

    As the man said, “Y’all done f*cked up now.”

  • salina

    what.the.actual. HELL

  • Patmoose

    Woooo boy!

  • Wyvern Phoxx (와이번)