Chapter Sixteen: 016


Also, just a quick word on the Kickstarter– it’s wrapped! Over $11k! Thank you to all those who backed. I love you so much, it’s ridiculous.

  • Max Pearce

    Did the spell actually work on Vesper somehow and just took a moment to kick in? That’s the only idea for this I got

    • Srara

      Maybe it had to heal her first before? Or like @Erika Martin said, it’s working now because Corrick’s life is in danger..

      • Max Pearce

        Oh yeah, those are two really good points

  • Leelee

    Vesper? Is that you?

  • ┬íVAMOS!

    Ejem *clears throat* Cool, yeah, I’m cool

  • The spell kicks in when Corrick’s life is in danger!! Like how her falling in the ice made him show up omgshfksnsh!!!!

    • Charlotte

      Oh yes! This is perfect. <3

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    SHE LIVES !!!

  • Max Adams

    That better be Vesper to the rescue. I can’t take any more heartbreak

  • I just actually gasped :O!! Could it be???

  • Aierdome

    So, are Corrick and Vesper now both locked by spells to protect each other? Or why else would Corrick get his powers back?

  • Maja


    K Lynn, you are a mastermind. I really didn’t know how you were going to turn this around, but I’m geeting some really good vibes right about now.