• Max Pearce

    If you let Vesper die I’m disowning you as my favourite web comic creator (just kidding your stuff is gold)

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Corrick’s pretty golden right now too.

      • Max Pearce

        Nice one

  • Charlotte
  • Lydia Bardon

    well i guess vesper is dead now and corrick lives his eternal curse all over again. haha i love pain

    • Max Pearce

      Don’t jinx it

    • Becky

      I’d definitely read the adventures of Corrik and Hunter … but Vesper has been set up as the primary protagonist (to the point where she directly addresses us readers) so it would be beyond odd to let her go.

  • Forever a golden man T_T

  • sarielpg

    But but…okay, there’s still gotta be a way to have her be alive. Right? RIGHT?

  • Cherbearian

    K Lynn, we’re fighting. As in the whole fan base. You better take us all out for ice cream after what you just did to us. I didn’t sign up for this constant emotional abuse! I can’t quit you </3

  • Elizabeth Calloway-Plante

    I love this development it’s pretty unexpected! I’m so anxious I don’t know what will happen next. You go girl! XD

  • Claire Johnson

    Just when success is within reach, it’s ripped out of their hands before completion.

  • I don’t have any more tears

  • Alejandro Aralvarado

    Listen K, the school year is ending, I’m overworked, underpayed and completely exhausted. I don’t need this emotional abuse from you

  • Becky

    Well, if Vesper dies, maybe Corrik will turn this into one of those “retrieve your loved one from beyond” stories, and we can have Vesper, Dom, Tegan and Magnus all back for a happy ending.

    • AmberOne

      Here’s hoping

    • spas

      nah. coming back from the dead ‘like that’ is bogus. it could be cool if everyone dies and the story continues in the afterlife…or corrick just waits decades until vesper’s reincarnated…however:
      she is the protagonist.
      her dad already kicked the bucket.
      she’s probably not dying today.

  • AmberOne


    You broke me.

  • David Simmons


  • Natasha Epperson


  • Aierdome

    *stuffs popcorn into her mouth*

  • What just happened? Somebody tell me a lie about how it’ll all end up well to make me feel better please.

  • Ellodie Belle

    Guys, “no not me.” He’s about to make VESPER immortal O.o

  • mvmarcz

    In my agony and anticipation last night I thought “what if he cast it on both of them? What if they’re both bound?” You know you’re desperate when your ray of hope is that the protagonists are JUST cursed for eternity.

  • Leelee

    This wait is actually TORTURE…please let them be happy in the end…

  • Mia Lunkka

    As a Psychology graduate (and soon to finish my masters) I can safely say… K Lynn… you, ma’am… are a sadist.

  • Omymel

    What does that mean?? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?? Did he do it wrong? WHAT’S HAPPENING???