Chapter Sixteen: 008

Dom, you da’ bomb! … too soon? Again?

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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    hm guys ? You have a little bit of Dom on your faces.

  • Max Pearce

    K why do you do this to us? What did we do to you?

    • plumecomic

      I’m not proud.

      • I’m not sure I can believe you right now. I don’t think I can trust you with the rest of the cast anymore.

      • AmberOne


  • I was half expecting for the fuse to short out or something. Except he turned himself in to a Fourth of July firework display. With his organs. And limbs. Great this means no one can loot his corpse.

  • Joy Choe

    Oh gosh this is more gruesome than I thought it’d be… don’t screw this chance guys…

  • kazali

    Is this one of those situations where there can never be more than three party members at a time? D: OH GOD VESPER DON’T MEET ANY MORE PEOPLE LIVES ARE AT STAKE

  • Srara
  • Becky



  • Max Adams

    I cannot even right now ;-; Dom was my second fave. This is a really bad dream, that’s all ;;

  • Artblinked

    How to not get hurt in these comics…hate everyone. That way when they inevitably die you can just laugh.

  • Charlotte

    R.I.P. Dom, you went full Tarantino in the end.

    Tho, who on their right mind would leave Dom with the dynamite? Seriously guys?!

  • Lydia Bardon

    Thought he was going to go give the baddy a nice big hug while he did it. In this situation though i can’t blame him for choosing how he wanted to go.

  • You know a comic is nearing the end when everyone is getting shot or blown up. No one in the main group is safe…. at least Dom went out with a bang.

  • That aggressive reader

    Oh my gawd why!? I keep rereading this page and somehow I get more emotional each time. :'(

  • Wyvern Phoxx (와이번)

    O dang it he died :/

  • Wyvern Phoxx (와이번)

    I didn’t mind Dom… BUT HE DIED. WHAT NEXT? HUNTER DIES??? I hope not sorry for yelling ;-;