• sohmamon

    Oh my god, he’s kamikaze-ing.

  • Yurii Furtat

    Now that’s… extreme. I really wasn’t expecting such behavior from Dom. Hope it’s not in vain at least

  • tina

    Because he wants stories of his heroic actions known for generations to come.

  • Joy Choe

    He’s going to join Tegan :'(

    • Pax

      Ow, my heart…

  • Aierdome


  • Charlotte

    Can’t believe he’s actually doing this! :0
    Especially after seeing that he still holds a grudge towards Vesper’s father (I mean, he shot him AGAIN, he clearly hasn’t forgiven any of that). Sure, he’s not really a bad guy, he’s more complex than that; but still, this sacrifice looks very extreme, to me.


  • Nuuuh! I just started feeling sympathy towards Dom T_T My feeeels~

  • Lindsay Zana

    I just screamed out loud at my computer screen. Aw, Dom!

  • Max Adams

    I don’t like where this is going ;-;



  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    God damnit Dom.

  • rogue android

    No, Dom, you big dumb turd! This comic has enough martyrs! At this rate, there’s gonna be no one left but that magical hemorrhoid and his evil book of death!

  • Becky

    So the dynamite is gonna be knocked out of his hand, right? x.x

  • Yeah just leave the mess for others to clean it.

  • itslikeapurplishblue

    Noooooooo. Why you do this?

  • Mia Lunkka

    SERIOUSLY?! I got into this series thanks to the Kickstarter, and been reading couple chapters here and there… until tonight, now I’ve been going through a binge-read since chapter 10… and my darling Dom is doing this?! Noooo~~

  • Katie

    bby no

  • Oh Dom! I’m so happy and sad right now!

  • Patmoose

    Plume is more bloodthirsty than I thought it would be. :-O Godammit!