• Aierdome

    Hunter to the rescue!

    Seriously, he must be the most badass guy in this entire comic.

    • Srara

      I agree. I’ve secretly been hoping that he doesn’t get affected by the spell at all and he’s been running around kicking ass like “Do I have to do *everything* around here?” while the others are all tormented and dying lol

  • Max Pearce

    I’ve been looking forward to Hunter’s experience *rubs hands excitedly*

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Hunter : “YOU”

  • Becky

    This is so, so, so wrong, but I initially read “sonuvabitch” as “sumbitch” and in Buford T. Justice’s voice.


  • Guzma

    Congrats on your 400th page! Including your cover pages for each chapter, this marks your 400th page on your Archive.

    Nice to see both Hunter and Azeel back in the story. I was wondering if Azeel was just looking at his smartphone while everyone else was going crazy in the background. As for Hunter, really like his character and looking forward to seeing more character development!

    • plumecomic

      Ahh! Dang! I should’ve done something for this page… like have Hunter throw some confetti or something.

  • Joy Choe

    That one! You can shoot that one!

  • Zemilyf

    just found this comic. read it all in one go! soo goood!

  • Patmoose

    I love Hunter more and more.